Tiger Fishing Zambezi 2019

Rapid Runners Angling Club Rapid runners is a fishing club at Olive Beadle. It is situated where the Zambezi river

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New TigerFly

June 2016 –  check out the new TigerFly – Great way to fish! Catches plenty tiger! – Cast far –

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Platypus Fishing Line

May 2015 Tiger Lures acquires distribution rights for Platypus Fishing Lines. Australia’s strongest fishing line since 1898 Platypus fishing lines

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15th Of August 2013



To All Our Customers

Thank you for visiting the SAFTAD exhibition.

Together with our friends from  OAR-GEE   this was a  first time exhibit at SAFTAD

We  displayed  a  range  of  spinners in 12 different colours. some of the spinners are new production models whilst others were samples to test the market.

On the Oargee front we displayed a range of hard plastic lures  ranging from 4 cm  to 13 cm

These lures are of extremely good quality  and will be available initially in four models, as follows:

OARSOME   in a 90 mm and a 130 mm with swimming depths of 1, 3 and 5 meters, target species are Tigerfish,  Yellowtail, Snook, Kobeljou, Barracuda, Small Tuna etc. This is a fast trolling lure with speeds of up to 10 Knots

PEE-WEE –   50 mm lure with a swimming depth of 4.5 meters

WEE-PEE –  A smaller version of the PEE-WEE  with a depth of 3.6 meters

LIL RIPPER –  At 4cm  it is the smallest Lure in the oargee range  with a swimming depth of 1.5 meters

More information on these lures can be seen on www.oargeelures.com.au

SAFTAD was a resounding success and we look forward to going back next year







JAN 2013

New Agency for Southern Africa, Visit the website www.oargeelures.com.au to view the product range.

SAFTAD Trade Show 2013

JULY 2013

Visit us at SAFTAD Trade Show (SA Fishing Tackle Agents and Distributors)

Date: 17 – 18 August 2013

Venue: UNISA Building,  Pretoria