Tiger Fishing Zambezi 2019

Rapid Runners Angling Club Rapid runners is a fishing club at Olive Beadle. It is situated where the Zambezi river

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New TigerFly

June 2016 –  check out the new TigerFly – Great way to fish! Catches plenty tiger! – Cast far –

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Platypus Fishing Line

May 2015 Tiger Lures acquires distribution rights for Platypus Fishing Lines. Australia’s strongest fishing line since 1898 Platypus fishing lines

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Tigerlures – Tiger Spinner

The design of our fishing lures is the culmination of many fishing years on the Zambezi River. We believe that the size, weight, colour and spinning action are important attributes of our lures, we have found that with our  colours, if fished correctly will give you excellent results: Now available in 15 colours,


The Tigerlures weighted Tigerfly is made from a one piece solid brass form. The strong .9mm stainless steel wire supports a tinned 6/0 Kendal round hook. The fitted  pearl dyed  tinsel is made by FLASHABOU in the USA. Currently available in four colours …….

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www.tigerlures.com  Oargee lures  Knot2Kinky  www.tigerlures.com  Oargee lures  Knot2Kinky T

Oar-gee Lures

Oar-Gee Lures, one of Australia’s best known lure brands, a range of lures to suit freshwater and saltwater species

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www.tigerlures.com  Oargee lures  Knot2Kinky Titanium wire

Knot2Kinky Titanium Wire

Our Knot2Kinky wire is a super elastic alloy which can be stretched and bent at least ten times more than ordinary steel leaders without permanent deformation. The perfect formula of Nickel and Titanium alloys creates a super elastic property which allows a fish to apply an enormous bite. The Knot 2 Kinky wire stretches and recovers while steel leaders snap under the same conditions.

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PLATYPUS Quality Fishing Line
Platypus fishing lines

Give yourself every advantage over that elusive fish with the great range of quality Platypus Fishing Lines, Australia’s strongest fishing line since 1898.