Tiger Fishing Zambezi 2019

Rapid Runners Angling Club Rapid runners is a fishing club at Olive Beadle. It is situated where the Zambezi river

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New TigerFly

June 2016 –  check out the new TigerFly – Great way to fish! Catches plenty tiger! – Cast far –

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Platypus Fishing Line

May 2015 Tiger Lures acquires distribution rights for Platypus Fishing Lines. Australia’s strongest fishing line since 1898 Platypus fishing lines

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OAR-GEE LURES Oarsome – 130

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Oar-Gee LuresOar-Gee Lures


The Oar-Gee Lures, Oarsome-130 is a minnow or a thin body lure 130 mm in body length and comes in two depth options. 3 Meter and  5 meter 


  • Patent pending, body design, rattle and bib locking system  makes this a very strong lure to handle the rigours of fishing for Freshwater and saltwater species.
  • Unique body design gives not only strength but a rolling action that can be achieved at the slowest of retrieves or trolled at speeds in excess of 10kph.
  • Patent pending bib locking system offers superior strength without the use of any glue in the lure assembly.
  • Integrated towing wire is part of the bib system virtually eliminating bib breakages.
  • The Oarsome 130 weights 30 grams and comes standard with VMC 9626PS size 1 trebles and 5H stainless steel split rings.
  • Optional “Tigerfish ready” Fitted with VMC 5/0 inline single and VMC Sureset Scorpico  size 2/0 treble at the rear
  • The buoyancy of the Oarsome 90 allows this lure to be trolled successfully in the timber and snags of our rivers and dams without continually reversing to retrieve fouled lures.
  • Available in a range of  colours as listed below and on the Oarsome-90 Page 
  • As with all our lure range, attaching lure to line with a loop knot is the preferred method, if using clips the best quality is essential.


Oar-Gee Lures

Oarsome – 130 Colour SB

Oar-Gee Lures - Tiger Lures

Oarsome -130 Colour RBG










 We consider our lures to be the best! “if it’s not Oar-Gee you’re not serious”



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