Tiger Fishing Zambezi 2019

Rapid Runners Angling Club Rapid runners is a fishing club at Olive Beadle. It is situated where the Zambezi river

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New TigerFly

June 2016 –  check out the new TigerFly – Great way to fish! Catches plenty tiger! – Cast far –

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Platypus Fishing Line

May 2015 Tiger Lures acquires distribution rights for Platypus Fishing Lines. Australia’s strongest fishing line since 1898 Platypus fishing lines

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Knot2Kinky Seven Strand

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Seven Strand Titanium WireKnot2Kinky  Titanium Wire

Knot2Kinky offers ‘perfect’ wire line solution 

Like its original single strand wire counterpart, Knot2Kinky’s multi-strand calls on an elastic nickel-titanium alloy to offer anglers the perfect wire line solution
The Material employs a seven weave NI-TI composition, Yielding softness, flexibility and abrasion resistance. Knots such as the figure8, perfection loop, albright and even the the simple clinch knot take shape with minimal effort , eliminating the need for additional  crimps or sleeves.
The Knoy2Kinky 1 x 7 multi-strand’s softness and flexibility allows lures, flies and baits to act and move naturally through the water. Formulated and heat annealed to hold a lasser straight shape, Knot2Kinky resists kinking and abrasion better than any other wire material on the market.
Due to its unique properties, 1 x7 mult strand provides an exclusive elastic ‘stretch coefficient’ that absorbs the shock of violent fish strikes and underwater surges.  When Pursing big game, like shark, tigerfish and Kingfish,   Anglers find that with this material, they no longer require an additional shock leader.
for presenting lures and baits naturally to other species such as Pike, Tigerfish, snoek, Barracuda, the new 1 x7  multistrand is offered in lighter test sizes. Sold in 10ft coils and 4 different pound test sizes.
Knot2Kinky’s 7 multistrand leader material is the most reliable , manageable and knottable fishing wire available today.

Knot2Kinky Titanium Wire

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